Commercial ads

Commercial ads in text format as well as annotated with GrNE-Tagger, ILSP και NCSR-Noun Phrase Chunker.

Translations of Italian travelogue texts in modern Greek (fragmenta)

The corpus of the Translations of Italian travelogue texts in modern Greek (fragmenta), includes translations of fragmented travelogue texts from Italian to Greek (1300-1900).

Text Corpus - EMEL

The corpus is comprised of conference papers made by members of the "Laboratory of Translation & Speech Processing" involving natural language processing.

Annual Reports of the Bank of Greece

The corpus includes the Annual Reports of the Governor of the Bank of Greece for the years 1997-2017.

Monetary Policy - Reports of the Bank of Greece

The corpus includes the interim and final monetary policy reports of the Bank of Greece for the years 2014-2018



ElConc is an online toolkit for text analysis and concordancing. ElConc can process any text up to 300.000 words by copying the text and then pasting it in the text box that you can find in its first screen.

Glossary of Medical Terms

This glossary was created as an aid for students, in order to assist them during mandatory courses of medical terminology offered by the School of Medicine at the undergraduate level. It was originally posted on the foreign languages website of the School of Medicine, which has been inactive in recent years.

Corpus "Library and Information Centre"

 All files included in the corpus are by-products of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki's Library Digitization Programme, co-funded by the European Union and Greece. The files in the corpus were created especially for CLARIN (el) project on 2015 and all their contents are made available to the public under the BY-NC-SA 4.0 Creative Commons license.

Speech corpus

Corpus composed of answers to research interviews conducted in 1986-7.

Dictionary of Linguistic Terms: German - Greek - English

Second revised and enriched edition: November 2013

Pedagogic corpus

The pedagogic corpora or ‘corpora of language teaching coursebooks’’ (as Gabrielatos, 2005, calls them) was created by Thomas Zapounidis as part of his MA thesis under the supervision of the Assistant Prof. Marina Mattheoudakis.

République-Bastille (1948-1949). French-language novel by Melpo Axioti edited by Mary Mike.

First edition of the French-language novel by Melpo Axioti, République-Bastille (1948-1949) edited by Mary Mike (Thessaloniki 2014).

This is the French-language novel by Melpos Axiotis, as it was transcribed from her fingerprints and published by Professor Mary Mike. The translation of the novel, for anyone who wants to see it in the form of a parallel text (which, however, does not exist digitally and must be created), was done by Assoc. Professor Titika Dimitroulia and has been published by Agra Publications.

Populismus corpus

The corpus is compiled in the framework of the research program "POPULISMUS: Populist discourse and democracy", which aims first at recording and comparative mapping of the populist discourse emitted by such sources. This will facilitate the reassessment of the concept of "populism" and the articulation of a theoretical approach capable of reorienting the empirical analysis of populist ideology in the planetary environment of the 21st century.

Greek Learner Corpus

Greek Learner Corpus is a collection of written productions based on the language proficiency assessment tests "Let's speak Greek I, II, III", taken by students of Greek in "Reception Classes" of Greek schools. GLC has been compiled at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, under the supervision of Alexandros Tantos (Assistant Professor) and Despina Papadopoulou (Associate Professor).

Newsletters IFG

Newsletters of the Greek-French University and Scientific Cooperation (February 2008-October 2014).


Parallel bilingual corpus with the ability to search in French and Greek language (FREL) which was compiled in the framework of the research program "Construction of a parallel body of literary texts".