The project

The Project

Apollonis AUTh

Today, digital skills are a key element of literacy and a determining factor in scientific and socioeconomic progress, and the use of specialized technological tools in research in all fields is now a necessity and a condition of innovation. Especially in the field of language technology, however, remains the fact that, despite the significant progress it has made in the Greek language, with specialized tools for natural language processing, and despite the recent emergence in our country of the interdisciplinary field of Digital Humanities (Digital Humanities), Greek, as a less common language, continues to have limited digital language resources. On the one hand, the exploitation of existing resources and tools by the scientific and academic community remains on the one hand, and on the other hand, their enrichment and the increase of digital content in the Greek language. The development of DHs, which open new avenues for research and professional practice, with collectivity, interdisciplinarity, within the new framework created by digitalism, remains a matter of concern